Complete and Partial Dentures

Looking to get Partial Dentures?

Many patients who are missing teeth have chosen to receive dentures, removable dental appliances, to effectively restore their smile. Dentures are vital in keeping the mouth and teeth in position when any teeth are missing.

The two types of dentures are complete dentures and partials. Complete dentures are a great solution for patients who are missing all of their teeth, while partials will fill in the spaces for any missing teeth along an arch. No matter how many teeth you are missing, partials play an important role in preventing the other teeth in your mouth from shifting their position.

Dentures can benefit patients by:

  • Enhancing your smile and facial tissues
  • Replacing the complete or partial loss of teeth
  • Improving your ability to chew, digest, and


Creating and fitting your dentures will require several visits to Smiles by Bigelow over the course of several weeks. At these visits, our team will take accurate molds that will be used to provide you with your custom-made dentures. To provide dentures that are shaped, colored, and fitted perfectly, it may be necessary to attend a preliminary appointment. At your final appointment, your dentures will be ready for adjustment. Dr. Bigelow with place your dentures and ensure they fit naturally and comfortably.

Additional instructions about how to maintain and care for your dentures will be given by Dr. Bigelow. To increase the lifespan of your new dentures, please make sure to follow proper cleaning and hygiene routines.

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