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teeth whiteningDeep bleaching (whitening) of teeth always seems to be in the news! We have been bleaching teeth a long time now, but we keep on bettering the systems and improving the results. The systems are better because they are sager and produce less tooth sensitivity than the old systems. We are improving the result by getting brighter and whiter teeth with the results lasting longer.

There are as many different systems to bleach the teeth as there are companies out there selling dental products. We’re seeing catchy names for the systems like Zoom, Laser Smile, Sapphire, Whitening Crystals, and Deep Bleaching. Some systems use special lights and some use lasers and some don’t use lights at all. There is a lot of discussion out there as to which light/laser is better and of course, each company feels theirs is the best. There’s also some discussion about whether it’s actually the light that improves the bleaching (or only speeds it up and makes it quicker) or the solutions used and the technique used involving tray fabrication that makes it better. Her are some of my opinions as far as the light or the type of light that is used. Some light systems are prettier and fancier than others or have cuter names, but some studies are showing that it’s the higher concentration of bleach used ( in conjunction with the lights) that make the most difference. I believe that the lights do make a difference, but I think the difference is so minimal that it’s hard to tell the difference on a regular basis. I believe the psychological impact of having a fancy light certainly affects a patient’s perception of the bleaching experience and the results. So, yes we do use a bleaching light with the tray technique and the in office light bleach technique ( both using the very best gels and materials possible) that lead to the very best whitening result. Deep Bleaching’s great results are due to several factors: the concentration of bleaching gel and the amount of time the gel is in contact with the tooth structure. The system also increases the permeability of the enamel prior to bleaching (increasing absorption) and creates more pressure on the enamel by the gel (increasing absorption). The combination of tray and power (fast) bleaching techniques lead to these great results. This system combines both the tray technique and the in office light (fast) bleaching technique to achieve the best results. The Deep Bleaching technique gets teeth significantly whiter than ever before possible. Patients who previously were unable to bleach as white as they would have liked (because of ‘bleaching resistant teeth’) can now bleach significantly whiter. Also, badly tetracyclined stained teeth can be bleached significantly whiter than prior results.

Here’s the story behind why “Deep Bleaching” does it better. Everyone’s teeth have a natural biologic limit of how white they can get. Historically, once you reached this limit, no amount of additional bleaching would whiten your teeth more. However, this Deep Bleaching system will extend this previous limit and allow significantly more whitening.

The special Deep Bleaching technique of custom-made tray fabrication is one of the reasons that this style of bleaching works so well. The Deep Bleaching trays allow room for the excess bleaching gel, and they seal it at the gum line. Trays often fabricated in dental offices do not seal the bleach at the gum line to keep the bleach in place. The bleach us sucked and washed out of the tray by the saliva very quickly, and very little depth of bleaching occurs. You may have heard that certain types of over-the-counter bleaching gels have acid in them, which may damage fillings, crowns, bondings, and the roots of teeth.

The whitening gel YOU will receive from our office has absolutely no acid whatsoever and will not damage your teeth or restorations.

The first session of Deep Bleaching will start with a bleaching in our office, (fast or light bleaching) which will ‘condition’ the teeth to absorb oxygen more readily from the bleaching gel in your at-home bleaching trays. Do not expect a tremendous color change from this ‘conditioning’ first visit. Immediately following the ‘conditioning visit,’ take-home trays will be worn for 14 consecutive nights. After the 14th night of at-home Deep Bleaching, the final Deep Bleaching will be performed in our office, and will provide significant additional whitening over what will have already been accomplished. The result will be WOW.

You can see that this combination technique of power (fast) light/laser bleaching along with tray bleaching technique combines the best of both types of bleaching available today and leads to a whiter result than has ever been achieved before (and longer lasting)! “Seeing is believing” so pictures are the best way to document the fantastic results achievable with this unbelievable new Deep Bleaching system.

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